Legal Counsel's Law Office

Bartłomiej Latos

Pro bono

Legal counsel is a so-called profession of public trust entailing essential obligations also of non-occupational character. One of them is the social responsibility and in particular sensibility to the needs of particular groups of the society. Having in mind this aspect of activity the Law Office dedicates part of its potential to help the people in difficult life situations.

In this sphere the Law Office is a member of Pro Bono Polish Anty-Discrimination Law Society programme and Lawyers' Team programme and engages also in campagnes organized by National Chamber of Legal Counsels in cooperation with Human Rights Commission of National Counsel of Legal Counsels as well as Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Wroclaw.

The Law Offices provided also gratuitous legal support for Lower Silesian Onco-olimpic Games of Children and Youth, organized each year by Academy of Physical Education in Wroclaw, the Foundation For help for the children with tumour disease and Clinic of Paediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Haematology in Wroclaw.