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Bartłomiej Latos

The law office

Legal Counsel Law Office Bartlomiej Latos is a firm with many years experience in activity on the market of professional legal services. Its basic value is high substantive level of service and due consideration to individual needs and business concepts of the clients.
The Law Office renders services for entities of public and private sector (state, self-goverment). This group includes i.a. municipality units, entities of Ministry of National Defence, railway, roads’ construction and building companies, IT partnerships, Internet advertising companies as well as the companies of transportation and banking business. The Law Office offers creative commitment and responsible cooperation with the clients in performance of the tasks received. The requirement of the client’s legal safety and efficiency of proposed solutions together with superior value of esteem to the law form the guidelines of its all legal activity.
The Law Office makes use of the electronic databases and collection of specialist legal literature but its most important potential is formed of expertise qualifications and professional experience.